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Concerned about pain, does this sound like an abscess ?



Jul 30, 2014
I hate seeing the dentist and especially now it is so close to Christmas, as I am unsure what to do. I am also huge so I worry about breaking the chair or something embarrassing related to my weight.

Two days ago I started to get a incredible throbbing pain in the bottom right of my mouth, much worse when lying down and hard to kill the pain, even with pain killers. For 2 nights now I have had less than 2 hours sleep as the pain is just non stop, yet I took 4 pain killers (2 ibuprofen and 2 paracetamol). Then all of a sudden around 11am I found the pain dimmed, but it still hurts when drinking hot drinks. The only thing I have found to fully stop the pain is swilling cool water in the area of the pain and leaving it there for 30 seconds, then when the water is removed I get about 5 minutes pain free, but suddenly the gnawing pain will come back, then I do the same again, I am getting through so much water. It is amazing though how painful the throbbing in and then just a bit of water completely removes that pain, but only for 5 mins max.

I can't see any swelling in my mouth. The pain right now is bearable, but it probably won't be soon as in the last 30 minutes I can feel it starting gradually again.

If a hole I guess I can wait a bit longer to fix it, but if an abscess I should get it seen to ? Any idea if the signs I mention point to an abscess ? Or should I see swelling ? I have 8 Doxycycline antibiotic tablets that I have never used for when I had a sinus infection, they are still in date, should I take them ? Or are they not for teeth ?


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Jan 5, 2012
Hi I am not a dentist but the symptoms you describe sound very much like an abscess. When I had one it was the cold water that gave me some relief I also filled a hot water bottle with cold water to sleep on as well. An ice pack will also help.

This does need to be seen by a dentist that will be able to confirm or deny what I have said. If it is an abscess they may prescribe you some antibiotics or they may offer to remove the tooth. If the tooth is saveable then a rct will be recommended.

Go and see a dentist before christmas