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Concerned about surgical site - pictures



Junior member
May 27, 2018
I had a surgical procedure done on May 24th to file down a jaw bone fragment that occurred following wisdom tooth extraction (done on April 5th). It was beginning to cause irritation and some pain. I wasn't fully aware of what this procedure entailed, so am uncertain if what I am now experiencing is normal or if I do have some real concerns that aren't just manifested out of paranoia. Pain. As soon as the Novocaine begun to wear off I started to experience some serious pain. I was given a prescription for 800 mg of Ibuprofen and a weeks worth of Amoxicillin, which I started to take as soon as I got it filled at the Pharmacy. It took a while before I managed to get on top of the pain. If I stay on top of the pain by taking a 800 mg pill of Ibuprofen every six hours I experience only some soreness and slight discomfort when talking, eating, and even sometimes swallowing, given the location of where the procedure was done (lower right hand side, inner inside of the mouth). My tongue tends to bump the area. However, in the mornings I am in pain. I tend to go longer overnight without any sort of pain medication. My question is, is it normal to still be having this kind of pain on day five? I don't really have much to compare it to, but I know that I am in more pain then what I was for a four wisdom tooth extraction. Pain aside, I also notice that the surrounding area of the incision is reddish in color. I did have two dissolvable stitches placed, which I am aware can cause some inflammation to the site .. just paranoid about infection setting in despite being on antibiotics. I'm taking my antibiotics, my pain medication, and doing warm salt water rinses several times a day. Just concerned about why I am still having pain, and the site is appearing reddish. I also still have some jaw stiffness on the right hand side. The stitches started to break down yesterday, and I am just leaving them alone so that they can continue to do their job while they hold.