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Confused about gums



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Nov 5, 2014
I went to the dentist a few days ago and they told me that there was no bleeding from the gums except for a bit at the back but when i brush, they bleed from the top. Can anyone explain what that means?.
@anonfemale I'm not a dentist or a dental expert, but to me it sounds like your gums bled in a different way at the appointment than how they do when you brush. Like at the dental appointment there was only the bleeding from the back, which is what the dentist saw and talked to you about, but when you brush, something different happens, and they bleed from the top. If this were me, I would tell my dentist about the bleeding from the top of gums when brushing at my next appointment.
@anonfemale I have found for me that when I have not been flossing for a while, my gums tend to bleed. If I am faithful to both brush and floss, that goes away, until I get lax about the flossing again.
Thanks. Its causing a lot of anxiety because I feel like my gums are the thinnest I have ever seen. And the bleeding makes me panic and scared to eat or brush.
Should I ask the dentist if mine are the thinnest they have seen?
Hi @anonfemale, the bleeding is caused by the immune system's defence against bacteria that have been left to linger, and the waste products the bacteria excrete. Our bodies' immune response results in bleeding. Some people have a stronger immune response than others.

You can stop the bleeding by completely removing the film of bacteria very thoroughly at least once a day. The general recommendation is to brush twice a day, and floss and/or use interdental brushes once a day.

Stopping the bleeding may take a week or two, though. Lincoln has given some great tips here:

Thin gums wouldn't result in bleeding, though you may want to use an electric toothbrush that warns you if you're applying too much pressure. It's always a good idea to ask your dentist when in doubt :) .