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Confused about gums



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Nov 5, 2014
I saw a dentist a few days ago and she said there was no bleeding from my gums except for a bit at the back but when i brush, there is some blood coming from the top front ones. What does that mean?. It's confusing.
Where you get bleeding from can vary depending on how your brush touches the gums, and how long any bacteria have been sticking to the affected area.
Whenever I find some bleeding from my own gums on brushing, I realise that I must have left some bacteria undisturbed in that area for a couple of days. So I simply brush and floss the gum edges in that area very thoroughly for a few days and it stops.
So I would suggest you do the same on the areas you find bleeding and the areas your dentist has highlighted as well and that should keep everything on an even keel.
@drhirst It confuses me how some days there is no bleeding and other days there is some bleeding. I will attach a picture of my gums in my next post. I hope it looks clear enough. Please zoom in to have a closer look and please let me know how you think my gums look and if they are as thin as I think they are.
Here is the picture


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@anonfemale your photo is too blurred to see your gums .

I am not a dentist, but find sometimes If I am using a tepe brush I can accidentally and unknowingly nick a tiny but of gum which causes bleeding. Also like DrHurst says, if I have unknowingly not brushed an area as well as I thought I had that can cause it. Brushing and flossing really helps though.
Can you tell from this picture?. The room is brighter. Please zoom in to have a closer look.


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