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Confused about how to use Duraphat 5000 toothpaste?



Junior member
Oct 17, 2013

yesterday I was prescribed Duraphat 5000ppm toothpaste to use 3 times a day, and a flouride mouthwash, 'EndeKay daily flouride mouthwash' by my dentist.

I'm incredibly confused about how to use it... In the instructions it says to 'brush teeth 3 times a day after meals'. It also says that food or drink consumed straight after eating has a inhibitory effect on the remineralisation of teeth, and so you should brush after meals.

i was always told that brushing before a meal was better because it coats the teeth before eating/drinking, and that brushing after eating was a bad idea because after eating enamel is softer, so you're brushing the enamel away... So how long should I leave it after meals to brush?

How I brush my teeth now: I brush my teeth, have a coffee and something to eat for breakfast, rinse my mouth with water, then chew a xylitol sugar free gum for 20 minutes, then rinse with a mouthwash. I do this in the evening before bed too.

I know I've read that if you want to brush your teeth after meals you should wait an hour or so before doing it, but what if you're in full time education or rushing around getting to appointments/meetings, or even a busy full time job? You literally can't afford to spend all this time planning all these 'time limits' on when you can eat and when you shouldn't eat, and when you should brush your teeth and how long you should wait between eating and brushing your teeth!! Brushing my teeth morning and evening an rinsing in the evening with this new toothpaste and mothwash is fine, what if I don't have time in the middle of the day to brush them again? And what if I don't get an opportunity to rinse my mouth with water after meals?

But anyway, guidance from a dentist on exactly how to use it would be appreciated?
Hi sparkling fairy,

There is little research that shows brushing before or after is better.

Brushing after eating shouldn't cause excessive wear unless you have eaten something quite acidic like oranges or yoghurts etc.

I am assuming you are using these because you are at a high risk of caries.

There is no detailed guide as to exactly how to use the products and so it's important you use them in a way that fits into your daily routine and that you use them than worry too much about how exactly to use them.

my two pence worth... I would use the duraphat am and pm brush, spit out the excess but do not rinse... Use the fluoride mouthwash separately as after using the toothpaste the teeth will be saturated with fluoride ions and it's very unlikely any additional benefit will be derived from the mouthwash used at the same time. It's all about frequency the more fluoride contacts you get onto your teeth the greater the remineralisation and topical effect.
I personally ask patients to use MI paste during the day as it's easy to carry and just needs to be smeared onto your teeth and spread around with your tongue so it's more user friendly. We also ask patients to use Cari Free system as it actually kills the bacteria that cause caries, and has a nice xylitol spray that is a lot easier and convenient to use.

i hope that helps