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Confused, black mark between upper incisor and front tooth



Junior member
Jan 18, 2011
Kent UK
Hi All

I'm just after a little advice as im so confused, I have had a smallish black mark between my upper incisor and front tooth for a good while now, i would say a year or so. I have asked my dentist about it and she said it looks like staining and not to worry, i actually have asked a couple of times as i do tend to worry. I had my 6 monthly check up in August and nothing was mentioned about this black mark but today i had an appointment at Guys Orthodontic hospital as im wearing braces and the student who is over seeing my treatment mentioned the black mark as being a possible small hole cavity and needing to get it looked at!

Now im torn on what to do, what would you do if you were in my position, is it possible for a hole to form between my early august appointment with my dentist or even that this was missed?!

Im not due to see my dentist now til January time and im a little worried.
Hi There

Why not reassure yourself and just get it checked out...better safe than sorry. You will feel better once you know.

Miss P

If you want to take this load off your mind, ask the dentist/oral hygienist to remove the staining. Usually just smoothing and polishing the surface takes a few seconds, does hurt at all (no anesthesia is needed) and it will make your smile nicer.
By the way, I assume that if the dentist would have thought that it is a cavity, she would offer you a treatment for it by now...
I would get it looked at AND have them polish it. I am sure while they polish it off they can tell if it is just staining.