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Confused by recent dental work...help!



Junior member
Jan 13, 2013
I went to the dentist in mid-December and was told that I have several cavities. Some were new and some were old fillings that needed to be replaced. I've had almost all of the work done, and I have major concerns about how my mouth is adjusting to these fillings.

I had 2 fillings on my front 2 teeth and I need 2 more on the teeth right next to them that will be done next week. I have almost constant dull pain in 2 of my front teeth (one that has already be filled and one that still needs the filling). It has been over 1 month since these teeth were filled. When I went the the dentist on Friday, he said that my front teeth were probably sore from grinding at night. I know that I do grind, and I just took impressions for a mouth guard. The dentist didn't even re-x-ray these teeth because he said that new cavities take 6 months-1 year to form, and since my x-rays were only a month old, that we'd try the mouth guard first. But I'm really worried that the nerve in my tooth is dying and nothing is being done about it.

I also had a filling on one of my lower left molars about a week ago. This tooth was very hard to get numb during the procedure and required several shots of Novocaine. I didn't really feel any pain during the drilling, but when the actual filling was being placed, my tooth did hurt a bit. When I got home at first, my tooth was EXTREMELY sensitive to cold. That seems to be going away. But I can't eat on that side or I feel a sharp pain shoot through my tooth. The dentist tried to adjust my bite this Friday, but my tooth was so sensitive to the drill that he couldn't finish and said we'd look at it again next week. Did this filling bond improperly, or is it really just a high bite? Is my tooth cracked?

None of the new fillings seem to be "right." I go to a reputable dentist and am not sure what's going wrong here. I don't know what to do and feel like a pest to my dentist. Any advice is appreciated.
You're not being a pest, you've paid (I assume) for your dentist's expertise so it's time for him to demonstrate it :)

Clearly things aren't right so your dentist needs to either sort it himself or send you to somebody who can.