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Confused, Scared, and Needing Advice!



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Mar 18, 2014
Hello everyone, i'm 25, new mom, happy go lucky gal, but ugly smile! I have been praying and researching alot and I mean alot lately, about what to do about getting Dentures. My father-in-law just got his done last year and said it was the BEST money spent and most amazing thing he has ever done. Hes just like many of us, SCARED of the dentist. I am the BIGGEST BABY ever when it comes to pain and the DENTIST. I really want to love my smile!! I want my daughter to not be embarrassed when she grows up. yeh yeh shes only 7 months but still. I want to also be pain free from my mouth hurting me, and gain my sleep back! its been going on for almost 10 years. I believe it is finally time that i do something about it!

So with all that being said, I need to know what to do about getting dentures at only 25 years old. I am very embarrassed to say this, but believe it or not i am for once finally coming out of my shell and asking for advice. The research I have done about dentures seems to be very true from what all my F-I-L has said about it from his experience. So for me to not have to worry about anymore pain, and be more happy about NOT hiding my smile, i am desperately asking for advice on getting dentures. PLEASE!!!! :(
I sympathize!

I am the same way.. I'm terrified.. and also terrified of getting a dentist like the one I had when I was growing up (the reason for my anxiety now). I keep putting it off...
Re: I sympathize!

I am the same way.. I'm terrified.. and also terrified of getting a dentist like the one I had when I was growing up (the reason for my anxiety now). I keep putting it off...

Couldn't agree more! It has taken me about 24 years to finally find an amazind dentist that i have now. He explains every thing to me from the beginning of the procedures to asking me if im ok or do i need anything. its sad to say that the dentist that doesn't give a crap about there patients has the most patients from where im from. and it really makes me MAD :mad: i wish i could tell everyone how he is. but I am better then that! im now with my dentist that i have found even though i have to drive 25 mins away from my town to his. he even gave me his advice about getting dentures even though he doesn't recommend them because he is a DENTIST and wants to SAVE my teeth, he said if it will make me happy go through with it all. But im still stuck on what to do????
I would like to WELCOME you both two the forum.

It is always better to try and save your own teeth when possible. The way around your fears is to find a dentist that will listen to you and make sure you feel comfortable at all times.

Justcallmered try emailing a few dental practices in your area explain how you feel and why and ask if they can help you get treatment you may need. From the answers you get you can pick one you like the look of and arrange an appointment. The first appointment is only for you to meet them and for them to have a look and maybe take an x ray. All treatment can be done pain free now, even the injections.

The important thing is to find a dentist that you feel you could build up a trusting relationship with and then they will discuss the best treatments and how best to get them done.

I also for a lot of years wanted to have dentures but a dentist I once asked said point blank NO. I am so glad I didn't now as in the last three years I have for the first time in my life been glad I have my own teeth. I have seen four lovely dentists over this time and between them I can now go and have treatment without feeling the fear we all hate so much. I have had treatment I never thought I could sit through. I also have a lovely dentist that I trust 100%. Hopefully you will both be able to find a dentist that you can trust.

Sissygirl I would try and see if your dentist can get you not so nervous about having treatment because once you have your teeth removed they are gone for ever and you have a lot of years coping with dentures. I would at least try whatever treatment he is suggesting, and if you feel it is still too much you can always have your teeth out. But best to keep your own if possible.

All the best to you both :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::butterfly: