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Connection and compassionate care makes the difference



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Jul 26, 2017
Sioux Falls, SD
Reading a book "Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a sometimes lonely world/Vivek H Murthy

Just totally made me think of the dental journey, as its coming from the point of view of a surgeon general who studied loneliness and the effect.

Honestly I'm only on like the 3rd chapter and its so intriguing. but yet so simple on the power of connection in healthcare and dental care.. (though they didn't mention dental, I can't help but go there)

There were some quotes that made so much sense and I wish alot of drs/dentist would get this

Instead of asking what the matter with them.. find out what matters to them...

"Medicine and technology may fail us at times, but human connection grounded in love and compassion always heals"

"Helping the patients feel known, seen and heard is the most powerful medicine we have"

Couldn't help but thinking of our dentists on DFC and how well they connect with their patients, in reading their interviews and seeing with us..

I know with my angel dentist who was my previous.. his human way, and just way of connecting really helped me so much it was totally healing my anxiety. My current dentist cares but is not quite as connecting so its a little more difficult and there are pockets of anxiety I have with him..

such a connection with this.. just wanted to share