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Conquered! (Valium & nitrous)



Dec 21, 2006
Ok well not entirely conquered- but this phase of my 'Dental Adventure' is officially done and over with. Last week they mounted the final/permanent crown on my root canal tooth. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from that appointment- I thought it would be a quick 20 minute pop-the-temp-off-put-the-new-on kind-of deal. It wasn't. Had I known that, I probably would have scheduled it for a morning appointment- my appointment was in the evening after a long, stressful day at work. Not exactly the kind of scenario you want to walk into after the kind of days I've been putting in when all you really want to do is go home and kick back for the rest of the night. But in a way this was almost better because it kinda forced me into a relaxed state of mind. The procedure ended up being about an hour long, and involved 2 Valium prior (that should have been my first clue- but they wanted me to take 2 Valium prior to a hygiene appointment, so I didn't think anything more of it), Nitrous (I will NEVER pass-up Nitrous) and even some freezing! Certainly wasn't expecting that!
In the end, I got a nice quick comedown from the heightened stress of work, and a shiny new tooth out of the deal. But most of all, I closed a chapter in my life that I prevented from closing for far too long. Only time will really tell whether this tooth truly was the source of all my recent health ailments- although, in a way I may never know either since we've taken great strides in making sure our apartment is less allergy-inducing than we have in the past. Either way, it's one more thing on the big list of 'To-Dos' in life that I can cross off. The important part of the whole experience was what I learned from it- your teeth are a major part of your health, and neglecting them, even out of fear, puts your health as a whole at risk. I've heard the term 'oral cancer' a few times in my dentists' office- not for me, thank God, but in comparison, I'd much rather be told I need a filling than having to deal with something like a cancerous tumor in my head as a result of simply not brushing my teeth or not drumming up the courage to pick up the phone and make that appointment, and grudgingly go to the appointment, regardless of how terrified I feel at the time. There are worse things in life to experience- and that's been the motivation I've used over the last several months to force myself to go through with these procedures.
Having a good dentist is also a major piece of the puzzle. If you're afraid of your dentist- change. There's nothing wrong in that- and if anything, should send a message to them that maybe they do come off a little too strong. Sometimes, it's simply a personality clash- and those happen everyday, everywhere. Dentists are human beings too- and like all human beings, none of them are perfect. Find a dentist that you feel comfortable being around, that takes your fears and concerns into account. Office staff is another big part of that equation as well. While my dentist did a lot to help calm my fears about what was going on- it was the rest of the office, the hygienists, the receptionists, the office managers, everyone- that reinforced that sense of calm and accommodation. Trust your gut- if the place doesn't 'feel' right walking in, then don't push it. While there might not be a 'perfect' office, there will certainly be those that do more to help comfort than not.
And of course I can only say wonderful things about this forum- because it gives people a place to come together and support each other in dealing with a common fear. That's another big piece of the support puzzle as well- just knowing that there are others out there who are supportive and encouraging to go forward and conquer this fear we all share here.

My experience with getting my oral health back to where it should be has been truly wonderful- and not the anxiety-ridden nightmare I thought it was going to become. The worst of my pain was a needle (sorry if I made anyone cringe) to freeze my mouth during the mounting of the crown last week- the procedure itself, the root canal and all the fillings, was a breeze, and by that evening it was like it had never happened.

I can't promise I'll hang around this forum much longer- and frankly, I hope I don't end up coming back as that means that I let my oral health slip once again. I thought I learned my lesson the first time- and I obviously didn't. This time, I think it'll stick.

Good luck to everyone who continues to struggle with this fear- you CAN overcome it, and in doing so, you will grow and make a change in your life.


- gotkube
Re: Conquered!

Congratulations Gotkube. :jump: ....I agree with all those sentiments....I'm sure your account will help others.