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Constant aching pain 10 days after fillings?



Junior member
Aug 21, 2018
Hey all :(
Before I start off- I’m 18 years old and have never had a filling before this. I decided it to be a good thing to finally get in with a dentist after years of not seeing one, as I knew I definitely had some cavities that have been accumulating over the years.
Long story short, I ended up having 12 cavities, some small and some big, scheduled in 4 different appointments. My first appointment was on August 7th- I had 4 fillings done in one sitting on the bottom left. Felt pretty fine afterwards. 3 days later, August 10th, I had a crown and a filling done on the top left. Not only that, but my dentist found that I broke my fillings because I was grinding my jaw too much, so she ended up having to fix those fillings too in the same appointment. (I wear a night guard now). Ever since that appointment I’ve had a constant aching pain in the top left and bottom left of my jaw/in my teeth.
3 days later, August 13th, I had 3 fillings done on the bottom right. (Which aren’t hurting). That day I had asked the dentist about the soreness in my teeth, but she said that I just needed to let the tooth settle down, and she gave me some sensitive toothpaste and told me to gargle warm saltwater.
I’ve been brushing with the toothpaste and have been occasionally gargling the saltwater, but the only time I get relief is when I take acetaminophen or ibuprofen, I’ve been taking the acetaminophen and have been having to take it 2-3 times a day. I wouldn’t describe the pain as crying-on-the-ground painful, but it’s basically just a CONSTANT ache that’s a kind of painful, and I can’t stand the pain anymore- moreso because of how annoying it is! It’s been 10 days and I’m not sure how much longer I can withstand it- do you think my teeth are just sensitive after the procedures, or may a root canal be in my future? I’m really nervous about that possibility:( Please help!!!
Dear mayberry,

sorry to read about your pain, it sounds awful. I am not a dentist and do not know what exactly is going on in your case, but if a filling was a deep one, the nerve can get irritated and cause pain for some time. It's then a matter of waiting for it to settle. If the pain perseveres for a prolonged time, a root canal treatment would be the next course of action. Your dentist should be able to give you information about if this is your case and advise you wether it's better to wait a bit more or treat the tooth.

All the best wishes and keep us posted, keeping my fingers crossed for the pain to subside by itself soon:clover:
I have the same issue with a filling on my bottom molar. It has been aching for six weeks now. I did end up having it tested with endo ice and percussion and the results were not abnormal, yet the endo said it was showing some delayed response. She wanted me to wait a month, then come back and have it tested again.

Basically, she said that if the nerve has irreversible damage, then I have to wait until the inflammation gets to a point where it shows up in the tests. So I am guessing yours would be much the same. I have had one root canal, and the pain from that tooth prior was more of shooting pain, not aching.

I understand what you are going through though. I have been on ibuprofen for months now.