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Constant Throbbing Pain 6 Days Post-Wisdom Tooth Extraction... Normal?



Junior member
Dec 29, 2017

I had my two lower wisdom teeth removed six days ago under IV sedation by an oral surgeon. The first two days were fine and I had no pain.

Ever since the third day, I have had a constant throbbing pain in both holes that doesn't go away, even while using the stronger pain meds (which I have been taking consistently since day one, every four hours). I haven't been able to move past a liquid diet at all. I have also noticed a lump in my inner cheek on both sides of my mouth, next to where the teeth were. It's even painful to drink water or swallow. There is no bleeding and the holes are stitched close so I can't see inside the socket. It's really making me depressed that the holes aren't healing as quickly as I had hoped.

I have been following the surgeon's instructions to a tee and have been taking the antibiotics he prescribed and rinsing my mouth with salt water often.

Does this sound normal to still have pain that isn't getting any better almost a week after the teeth were removed? I have an appointment with my oral surgeon tomorrow but just thought I would see what you guys think as well.
Let us know what your surgeon tells you. Hope the best for ya!
So I saw my oral surgeon this morning and he said that everything looks normal. He said that pain can happen later for some people (in my case, on the fourth day) and it didn't look like there was an infection in my mouth.

He put some clove packing in the holes to help soothe the pain, which has helped.

I am still a little worried through because the gum and cheek around where my one lower tooth was, is still so swollen and it looks disgusting. It also makes it very difficult to eat because it feel so huge in my mouth. I just hope that the swelling goes down soon and it starts to heal.

I have another appointment on Monday to follow-up and really hope it has improved at least a little bit by then. Has anyone else dealt with a lot of gum and cheek swelling around the extraction site, and when did it finally heal for you?
Its okay to not "look your best" after surgery hehe, try not to worry too much about it, and give yourself a break in that department while you heal :p, let your hair down and put on some sweatpants.

I'm glad you didn't receive any bad news, try to trust your surgeon on this, I'm sorry you are having pain. I hope everything goes smoothly for ya!

I'm seeing mine on monday too, I just wanna hear him say I can start getting back to normal life soon haha, thankfully other than the stress and lifestyle change, things have been smooth so far, knock on wood and all that jazz :)
Thanks. I hope your recovery is going well.

I am still super worried though because I am still on a liquid diet and there is a swollen flap of skin beside the hole where my tooth was. It looks really weird and not sure if it is normal. Do you think this will ever heal?

I am still in a lot of pain on the one side (the strong pain meds are the only thing that even touches it), but the other side is healing nicely and is no longer in pain. I just want to be normal again... Have another appointment with the surgeon on Monday and am hoping things improve even a little bit by then. Just taking it day by day.
I am absolutely sure that it will wrap up soon enough. If it was anything too out of the ordinary your surgeon would definitely have said so. Try to be strong for these 4 days, but if it becomes too much, you should feel 100% welcome to call him with any concerns.

Don't ever think that you're being a bother or anything like that, doctors want to help, that's what they are there for. Even if it's just to alleviate concerns, they are the best people to do that for you. I'll be rooting for your recovery, every day is a step closer to normal again. Feels long now, but in retrospect it'll probably feel like a flash. Memory is funny that way.

One day we'll be eating steak and sandwiches again and look back on this phase and be glad we got it over with hehe. I mean, you either take out the wizzies, or they take you out, relatively speaking of course :grin:
Hello! Sorry I know this is an old thread but my situation sounds very similar to yours! Can I ask when yours got better? I’m exhausted!
Hello! Sorry I know this is an old thread but my situation sounds very similar to yours! Can I ask when yours got better? I’m exhausted!

Hi i am in same situation. Ten days ago had lower wisdom tooth out. Day 3 had severe dry socket. Went to see private oral specialist as in awful pain in other teeth cheek and jaw besides the dry socket. He said it was muscle pain from my jaw. I feel so ill shaky lightheaded and when i stand it sets a pressure pain off in the extraction site and my pre molar. I feel like i can't take anymore pain. Did yours settle?