Constant throbbing toothache



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May 2, 2010
I'm not sure what to do...
Early April I had a really bad toothache, turns out it was an infection (I think I was given antibiotics) and the tooth was dead.
When I first went to the dentist it was prepped for a root canal and whatever was causing the infection was removied. Felt a lot better after that, I have since had another 2 appointments the root treatment isn't finished yet.
The last appointment was Friday, so 2 days ago, about 24 hours after the appointment (not sure exactly what was done but there is still a temp filling in) I started getting the same horrible constant throbbing toothache only this time the tooth isn't sensitive to heat or cold like last, same thing helps ease the pain too- putting an icepack on the side of my mouth and wrapping a bandage tightly around to hold and compress the ice pack there, also I think it's the tooth that has been worked on which is hurting(it's the 2nd last molar on the bottom R side but the last one hurts to touch too)

I'm going to call the dentist, the amount of pain killers I'm going through is too much. What should I expect and what could be going on, the tooth isn't getting infected again is it? I'm scared I'll go and be yelled at b/c something has gone wrong... :( :(


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Oct 25, 2005
The original abscess is flaring up again, or else the tooth is cracked. Either way, it's not your fault. Go back to the dentist as soon as you can.