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Convinced I still have some infection after RCT. Help....!



Junior member
Jun 26, 2010
Hi dentists :)

I've had RCT on my right front tooth after over a year of infection. My dentist was convinced all infection was gone when he carried out the treatment. BUT....there is a tender spot and slight lump above the tooth which I am only aware if I smile widely or press on it. It's not agony but it is uncomfortable and I'm a bit worried.

I will go back and see my dentist - but in the meantime any thoughts?


(Oh, treatment done @ 4 weeks ago).

It is possible there is some residual infection. I would go back to the dentist and have another X-Ray to be sure. You might need an additional course of antibiotics. Letting the dentist have another peek is your best course of action. They should be able to sort it out fairly quickly.

Blessings :)