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Coping with a new dental home alongside PTSD flare-up



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Oct 1, 2010
In dental heaven
Hello to everybody on the site and I start with heartfelt thanks to all who have enabled me to access routine dentistry after far too many years of being let down and ill treated in my younger years. I am writing as sadly my lovely dental practice have moved out of a lovely local building which was effectively a house and are now in a brand new building a couple of miles away from the last location. The advantages of the new place are obvious; level spaces all on one floor to suit the needs of all including those with mobility issues, but this means that the intimacy of the old place is lost; my old surgery was effectively in a past bedroom with a view out to a tree which made for a very relaxing atmosphere and was certainly very helpful in enabling me to cope with consultations and treatments better than I could ever had imagined possible. The new place, whilst clearly equipped with the latest technology designed for clinical comfort and better outcomes, looks terrifying; the pictures I saw on the new website shows white rooms and black chairs and I fear that the new place is going to feel very "corporate" after the warm intimacy of the house setting enjoyed after so many years. My PTSD has flared up again after just over a decade of being (I thought) under control and so this move has come at the worst time for me. My church are supporting me but would appreciate any words of encouragement or inspiration moving forward. I am aware that I am in need of some extra help and am happy to welcome any suggestions about where to turn. I do not wish to approach my doctor at this stage, as I am aware of how and where much of this has arisen. My only comfort here is knowing that the dentist herself is the same person I was enjoying before this all happened. Many thanks to all who read and respond(ed). Simon

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