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Core build up with pins before crown



Junior member
Mar 11, 2024
I hate going to the dentist, therefore, I have severe anxiety already lol. I am needing a core build up with pins, before getting a permanent crown. Is it painful after the procedure, before the crown? Will I need to ask for pain meds ? I have a low pain tolerance, but over the counter pain meds never work.
No different from any other filing really. (Have a pinned amalgam from the 1970s still in my mouth).
I am not sure if this is the same thing but when I was a child, I broke my front tooth and they had to put in a long metal rod into my jawbone underneath the crown. The only difference is they had to use a clamp to keep my jaw very still during the procedure. These days, most dentist don’t give you prescription pain meds unless you ask for it. The real pain is only on the first day then after that OTC medication’s worked just fine.
Absolutely not the same thing :)
I have like 6 crowns at least and the core buildup I never needed pain meds. The core buildup covers your tooth and its pretty rock solid. You will just have to be gentle while eating till the new crown comes in