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Coronavirus and Dental Advice for the UK - new video series!



Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
Our very own Lincoln Hirst talks about how his dental practice (and others in the UK) are handling the current situation:

If you have any questions re. coronavirus and dental treatment that you'd like to see covered in these videos, please feel free to leave a message in this thread (don't forget to add @drhirst so Lincoln will spot your question)!
This is really a lovely , reassuring video video from Lincoln confirming that somehow patients will be taken care of just in a different sort of way. Thanks @drhirst
@drhirst I would like to hear whether you think this situation will have any consequences for patients even after all of this is over? Imagining your practice let's say few months from now, appointments working - will you be working in the same way as you did before or will there be anything different?
How Inspriring !! Thank you for sharing.. Always insprired by @drhirst !
Wow.. I thought I couldn't become more of a fan of @drhirst, but here we go... thank you!
Just noticed that Lincoln's excellent DIY dentistry Corona special video guide hasn't been mentioned yet in this thread - here it is (please note: contains explicit dental imagery, but it's very funny :grin: - so if you don't want to watch, you may still enjoy listening with your eyes shut). The video covers help for broken teeth, fillings, and crowns:

Will there be another video upcoming ? That is a great idea @letsconnect watching with eyes closed if one doens't want to watch. :grin: :grin: