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Coronectomy- Extremely nervous



Junior member
Jun 6, 2023
I am due to get a Coronectomy on my bottom, two wisdom teeth next Wednesday. I am freaking out! First, I’m nervous because my oral surgeon told me that because of my weight(190) and age(40) he cannot put me under, but he can make me extremely relaxed. I’m assuming thats with IV sedation because that’s what showed up on my explanation of benefits. I hope I feel little to nothing and that the procedure goes quick. I’m also worried about recovery because I am due to fly on July 1 and I’m hoping that I’m recovered in time. Has anyone had this procedure done and if so, what was your experience during and after?
Hello Amil4b :welcome:,

while I can't serve with own experience with this procedure, it definitely sounds scary! One thing that stuck with me in your post is that it seems to me like you do not even know what will be done in terms of making you relaxed. Was this your choice not to get too much information or was it rather that you haven't been told? If it was me I would want to know a lot of details..

In any case, keeping fingers crossed and may all go well. It seems to me that there is a plenty of time between July 1st and next Wednesday, so I'm sure you'll be fine!
@Enarete I think my oral surgeon did not want to make me any more nervous than I was. All he said was he cannot put me fully to sleep because he’s afraid that I snore a lot and he would have to monitor my breathing, but I will be extremely relaxed. I am thinking it is with IV sedation because they told me not to eat or drink anything for eight hours prior. I think my worry is don’t you fall asleep with that too? He did explain the procedure takes about an hour where he cuts the top half (crown) of my wisdom teeth off and stitches the gum back over. He said opposed to a normal extraction it would be just a ton more drilling. He did say that recovery is a little easier than a full extraction, I would be extremely swollen after the procedure.
Sounds like you trust your surgeon and like he has been trying to put you at ease. I'm not sure whether that would be iv sedation, but if you'd prefer to know, it can't hurt to give them a call and ask? What I know though, you are not sleep with iv sedation, you are just calm and can't remember the procedure. Means you are awake but do feel like you were asleep.
A coronectomy is a lot less painful than getting the whole tooth out!! I just had one of each and the whole one is hurting me the most. You got this!!!! I also had iv sedation