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Cost of Dental Implants in the US



Junior member
Jul 1, 2022
Henderson, Nevada
I suffer from anxiety and I am feeling super stressed about needing two dental implants. I have a consultation scheduled ,but not for a few weeks and I was wondering if anyone that has had this done recently knows the total cost you spent on implants to include the implants, crowns, and abutments, x-rays or ct scan. I know cost vary by state but I would like a general idea of what to expect.
@lori726 I’m in the process currently of three implants. The break down for me is each will cost about 7,000. But please keep in mind I did have a sinus lift and bone grafting on both sides. And you pay step by step which is also incredibly helpful as there’s a lot of healing time between procedures. Again, like you mentioned, every area is different. I live in a small resort areas so could be pricier. Best of luck, I know a lot of people on here and personally who’ve said the cost is well worth it. Hope it’s something you can manage.
Mine were about $6000 each, total cost of extraction, bone grafting and implant and crown.
I was quoted about $3500 for one including extraction. However another dentist quoted over $5000. The high quote was with referal to an oral surgeon and anesthesia the low quote was at a dentists office.