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Could new filling need a root canal?



Junior member
Oct 25, 2021
So 3 months ago I got several composite fillings done. One of which being an upper molar that had never caused me pain or sensitivity. However, ever since the filling was placed, I have had nothing but sensitivity from that tooth. It doesn’t cause spontaneous pain, but rather a slight pain from cold stimuli, and a pretty intense pain that comes when pressure is placed on a particular spot on the tooth, it is quick but hard to ignore when I chew hard foods on that side to the point where I intentionally avoid it. I know it isn’t a bite issue, and from what I’ve read it sounds like it might potentially be irreversible pulpitis and I fear I might need a root canal. The pain isn’t unbearable, but it’s definitely jarring when whatever I’m chewing hits the sensitive spot in that molar and the jolt of pain takes me so off guard. I will be discussing this with my dentist soon but I was curious to know what I should expect. I would appreciate hearing some input on what this might be.
Hi - I cannot offer advice but have something similar if that helps at all? About a month ago I had a large filling replaced in a lower molar - the dentist also found a small crack in it but didn't seem too concerned. Ever since I have had what I call an 'uncomfortable' feeling in that tooth - not pain just annoying. It feels like it's too full if you see what I mean! I too can't chew on it properly without an unpleasant sensation. I have also developed a horrible habit of 'checking' it by clenching my teeth every now and then and I'm sure that isn't a good thing to do. Hope your dentist and anyone who can offer advice can help you out!
From what you describe it sounds more like a bonding failure between the composite and the tooth. I wouldn't rush to do RCT in those circumstances.