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Could recent dental work/crowns cause inner ear issue?



May 21, 2014
Last July 2013, I needed dental work. A couple of days after the dental work, I felt very off balance and started to get faint like feelings as well as some vertigo type of issue (wasn't full fledged but my world definitely seemed sideways). The work that was done was that tooth #31 was cut down and had a gold crown placed on it. Sometime in August, I all of the sudden started to have issues with heights as well when I never did. I found this out the hard way when I spent $1200 on NY Giants season tickets and could not sit up in my normal seats on the very top.

Fast forward to September, and I discovered that I also had deep decay on tooth #30. Went to endodontist, who scooped our remaining decay and patched me up with a temporary filling. In the middle of the night, somehow I developed tinnitus as well. Went to my regular DDS, he went to go put new filling in only for it to hurt me so bad that he suggested I go get the root canal. Had root canal done and also had the gold crown put on. Today, the past couple of days (about 8 months later), that tooth feels sore.

Had to find a new dentist, who suggested I am a tooth grinder/clencher as well so he's making me a nigh guard. However, here I am almost 10 months later and I am stilling having issues with heights and still having off balance feelings. New dentist suggested that my crowns may not have been adjusted properly for my bite, causing these issues. Can anyone relate or give me suggestions? Would a tooth mess me up this bad?

Ironically, at the same time.. I had a chronic Hepatitis B infection that went ACTIVE so I am not sure if it's the virus causing the tinnitus and inner ear issues or if it's the dental work, as I get the weird sensations like I get with heights at times when I am not in heighted areas.


Apr 17, 2013
I get dizzy spells and it turns out to be my sinuses. Do you do a nasal rinse? And drink tons of water. I also use a vicks vapor it seems to help when I am dizzy.