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Could You Test Drive A Dental Fear E-Course?



Junior member
Sep 1, 2008
Hi There,

I have been working with patients who suffer from dental fear for many years and from my conversations I have come to understand that there is a real "deep breath" moment that everyone has to take in making contact with a dental practice for the first time. In fact patients often tell me that this is the point where they have been stuck for many months.

As a result I have created a mini e-course that is delivered in 7 short segments over the space of a week. After compelting the course you will have a number of new tools and strategies to help you feel more prepared for taking the vital step and making contact with a dentist.

The course is free to take and I would love it if members of this great forum could help me with a little research and development . Please just give the course a try and let me know if it helps and where it could be improved further. The course is available now at

Many thanks

Fraser Hendrie BDS MFGDP
Craigentinny Dental Care