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Covid 19 depression derails dental journey



Jul 19, 2016
I am figgthing my fear for a long time started finaly in 2019 i did the root canal wich i put off since 2016 . Needed a second one but in 2018 the teeth broke bevond repair. Also did cleaning and a cavity in 2019 . Only the extraction i put off it was a step too far for me but i was proud i did the other things.

Then covid 19 pandemic came. First the check up was canceld because i had some symptoms after that because of the lockdown . Dental offices openen fast but by then i was to depressed by having not a good life cause by the onging lockdown. In the summer things got a little beter i was not ready for Dental treatment but i was for a cleaning so i called the hygienist but they said we dont treat fearful patiënts anymore becuse it Cost too much time you need to a Dental hospital fear clinic . But a hospital clinic is much more expensive at least 875 euro co pay and they can even charge more under some conditions . I refused i dont want to get fined for my fear . After that i lost all hope i finaly had trust in a hyginist and i got betrayed again. I found another hyginst but by the time i was ready again covid 19 was back and the strict depressing rules first it was for a month but it got worse and worse till this month. Finally some things reopen and life goes better.

I want to enjoy the summer and go start back to the dentist in september but the step is very big for me to go back by that time its 2 years between and brushing goes not perfect becuse of the stress and depression so i am scared i need a lot of work. My gums are a bit red so that is scary for me
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The pandemic has really made things difficult, but slowly we are seeing improvement. I totally understand how you’ve put off treatment. I did the same thing...for five years! It is so hard to take that first step, especially when you have lost trust in dentists. But living with the fear of what could be wrong and how much work you might need is exhausting and ends up ruling your life. The reality is usually never as bad as what you have imagined. Everyone on this forum is here to support you!

Wow. just reading that statement. "We don't take fearful patients because it cost too much time". agh. that is heavy.. and I'd be upset and very discouraged hearing that.. I so agree.. with not wanting to be fined so to say due to the dental anxiety.. I get it from their perspective it does take more time.. but .. you would think it was more common than not , though varying degrees. but to say that straight out, seems harsh.. I"m sorry .. Its already depressing with the whole Covid thing, you are about to take a step then get told that.

Did you find a place to go back to that would be good with anxious patients ? I hope you do soon. You are taking positive brave steps it seems in the midst of a hard time and anxiety.. that is huge!
Hi Chaosdeal, I'm really sorry to hear that was an experience you had to go through, especially if there was trust there which has now been lost. Don't give up, keep searching your local area for other practices and make contact with as many as possible, I just know you will find a dentist that is right for you. Keep positive and think of the long term goal and keep pushing forwards for it, even with small steps.