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Covid/lockdowns/Vax passports



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Feb 2, 2018
Here in the UK there's already talks of further lockdowns in November/December. Also, by mid-December, the vaccination passport is supposedly going to be more of a thing (even though they said it wouldn't be). This concerns me as last week my appointment was cancelled and they said they can't see me until December but if they ask for apps or stuff I'm screwed. What are the chances of private practices going down that route? Maybe some overseas people can say what's happening in other places?
I am in the U.S. and it is very different in some ways. Pretty much everything is open and operating as usual where I live and in most states. We keep hearing that the vaccine passport won’t be a reality, but I think it may happen as there have already been several vaccine mandates given on a federal level. I do have a vaccine card but have never been asked for it. All doctor and dentists offices do check temperatures before you can go back.
I know they said it wouldn't happen but look at other countries. My phone’s old anyway, it doesn't do apps.
Here in Ontario, Canada, no need to show vaccination proof for the dentist. The proofs are required for gym, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, sport events, concerts, visiting retirement homes, traveling by train or plane and, in some cases, for work. You can go do groceries, medical appointments (including dentist), stores, with no vaccination proofs.

if you don’t have an app, you can print or request to receive a print copy.
Yeah was speaking to my friend in Canada the other day about that.
I have never had to show any proof of vaccination so far.