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cracked crown & bleaching



Jan 22, 2010
southwell notts uk
Hello, one for the dentist's.
I have posted on here about having to lose my crowned tooth,i have had the tooth out now, using an immediate denture until i can have a bridge.
I have been wondering about some things though. When the dentist told me i would need a new crown,it was because i had quite a large crack in the previous one.
I decided to whiten my teeth before i had the new crown placed. I did not get on well with the bleaching, my teeth became very sensitive, i had to give up half way through, wasted expense, but hey ho, we will be vain.
All of my teeth suffered, but,after waiting for the sensitivity to die down for a couple of weeks,i went in for the crown to be done. This tooth was painful & sensitive from having the temp crown,till 9 months later when i had it extracted, since then all of my teeth feel much better.I am wondering, should i have bleached my teeth with a crack in the crown, could the bleach have got into my root?I am not looking to lay the blame on my dentist,whats done is done. She is a lovely girl, but obviously not long out of training as she is so young ( early twenties ).She charged me for the first root canal,then did two more, under the hospitals advice, free of charge, then the extraction & immediate denture free of charge too, i think that was extra kind of her,but cannot help wondering if she too is unsure, whether she should have not let me bleach with the crack?
As i said, i am not looking to blame her, we all have to learn, i would just like to know in my own mind, whether this caused my problems, also to warn others if it did.:cry:
Maybe the crack in the crown caused all your problems rather than the bleach.
Thank you Annie, yes, you could be right. Hope so, i would hate to think my dentist was at fault. I will still be going to her, she has a lovely manner.:cheers:
Why are no dentists answering my thread?
Are they afraid of upsetting another dentist?
I thought a dentist had answered this. Perhaps they agree with my answer. Sometimes they don't bother if it looks like a question has been answered sufficiently. But maybe they missed this one.
I thought Annie had answered it perfectly already, sorry :(
Thank you Gordon, I was perhaps hoping for a solution which is not possible.
Thanks again Annie.