Cracked Molar -Fear of Anesthesia



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Jan 6, 2011
I need to have a cracked upper molar removed - a large one in the back of my mouth. I am very sensitive to anesthesia with epi and only use Carbocaine (which is not as strong and I ask for only a little). Is the dentist going to force me to use anesthesia containing epi? I am not afraid of pain. I am afraid of medicine and being put to sleep. He might want me to go completly under, which I will don't want either. They thought I needed a root canal and gave me one, but then noticed the huge crack.
Also, must I have a bridge? Can't I just leave the space alone? I definately won't do an implant because, again, too much medicine to take. I just want my tooth pulled and then go home!
Help! My dentist can be intimidating even though he is very, very good. It is sort of either his way or no way.


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Jan 11, 2009
You don't have to have anything you don't want to. This is an elective procedure, you choose to have it done. As a dentist, he must respect your wishes and comply with your requests. He can at best advise and you decide if you want the work to be done, bearing in mind he's the dentist and the 'expert' and his treatment you receive is based around you accepting his judgement.

The bottom line is - if you don't want it done and refuse it, he has no option other than to stop. If he ignores you, he could be sued for malpractice/assult. If a dentist insisted on something I was not happy with, I would get a second opinion.