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Cracked molar (right side) Anxiety ridden



Junior member
Jan 17, 2017
Washington, Pa
Hello all,

This is my first post to this website but I figured this would be a good start. (hopefully)

I ended up cracking about a quarter or even a third of one of my molars to the gum. However, I hate to say, but this was about 4+ years ago. From that day until now it hasn't hurt a single bit though. (strange i thought) I do however notice some swelling around my jaw line from time to time and I know my gums are probably in horrid condition...

I'm 26 years old and the last time I've even seen a dentist was when I was 17. (right before college) Past dental work hasn't necessarily been the best experience for me. I always end up feeling pain during dental work in some way because of the slight resistance to Novocaine I seem to have. I always end up getting shot up 3+ times and still don't feel numb so I sit there in agony anyway. (I have been told in the past that they actually can't give me anymore) Situations like that were very traumatic as a kid and ever since, I've developed a phobia. I should also add that I'm medically diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression so, needless to say, it takes a lot of, "push", to force myself into anything.

I know I need to see a dentist to get this taken care of but I can't force myself there. I'm always way to nervous, like sick to my stomach nervous when I think about it. I can't help but to feel embarrassed about the condition of my mouth and why I haven't seen a dentist in so long. I'm also EXTREMELY nervous about what's going to happen to me. Am I going there for one tooth just to find out infection has spread to others? What's going to happen to said tooth? Root canal? Extracted? Question after question spins through my head making me even more anxious than I already was...ugh.
I have had the exact same problem as you and my dentist said the only option is to get it extracted x
this happened to my back molar, half of it was gone, didnt break under the gum tho so all they did was fill it and shape it and its been like this for 10+years. I have since had a root caaal on it tho due to a cavity under the filling but the tooth still works well. May not always mean it needs to be extracted
I had almost an identical experience OP, I am 30 and had not been to a dentist since I was 18 but just in the past month got my back molar pulled after it half of it chunked down to the gum line.

The doc said he could do a root canal or go ahead and pull it, I ended up wanting it to be pulled due to cost and a significantly shorter procedure. I honestly wish I went and did this years ago, I had built it up in my mind as this terrible procedure that could take my life or something.

This forum seriously helped me to start taking those baby steps and it looks like you are doing the same, just take another step and find a dentist you could go to and set up an appointment. If they hadn't seen you before sometimes it will just be a consultation. One way to kind of dip your toes in the water.

Honestly though its a decision between some discomfort now vs significantly more pain later. When you do get it taken care of you will come back to this forum and realize how easy it all really was.

Also during my procedure It was more difficult to get out due to my dense bones the doc said but I NEVER felt pain. I felt uncomfortable sure but absolutely ZERO pain.

Good luck my friend and I encourage you to take that next step and keep yourself healthy. :grin: