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Cracked Molar scared to go to dentist



Junior member
Jun 29, 2018
When i was a bit younger i had a root canal during the time i had braces. I couldn't get a crown on until the braces were off, and when they finally came off, i didn't get the crown

Because of this, I cracked my molar with the root canal two years ago and havent been in to get it fixed because I'm so afraid of the dentist. The tooth is decaying and i know i should go in but i'm afraid of what the dentist is going to say. It never really bothered me but now it is starting to and i can't bring myself to go yet.

I've done a lot of research and they can either do another root canal or take the tooth out completely, which is what i'm afraid is actually going to happen.

Has anyone else been in this situation? I know it was stupid of me not to go but i literally cannot sleep thinking about this. i hate the dentist and I'm afraid of what they're gonna say
Hi crazyscreamin,

I understand that you are nervous, especially when this tooth is bothering you. The best solution would however be to start moving forward seeing a dentist, in whatever small steps you can. The sooner you get there the better for your tooth. I remember breaking of a root canal treated tooth many years ago and the dentist was able to put a crown on and all went well. The needed treatment will depend on the exact condition of the tooth and I'm afraid that a dentist is the only person who can assess that reliably.

How about to start looking around and see if there is any dental practice you might like? It might also be a good idea to gain some clarity about what it is that scares you about going to the dentist...

All the best wishes