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Cracked Tooth and more, please advise!



Junior member
Jun 21, 2009
Hi, I am 22 years old and I've got several problems with my teeth. I just had an extraction done on my bottom left(my left) second molar. I just was adding that for perspective. The dentist I went to(I have no insurance whatsoever, paid 85 dollars to get the extraction done) was pushing inside my mouth to get at the molar to extract; while he was doing this he pushed on my two front teeth. The extraction went well and everything. I am home now and watching the site closely. I notice now that my right front tooth has this crack in it where if I press on the tooth a crack opens and goes horizontally across the middle of the tooth. There is not any pain or anything but it is freaking me out. The dentist told me before hand that it probably was not worth saving. My question is this: I go to a charity based dentist who only does fillings, extractions, and cleaning. Is there any way he can save this tooth? I am incredibly scared I will look terrible without one of my front teeth. Thank you for reading.
It's really hard to tell without seeing the tooth. Can your state board point you towards dentists who do reduced rate or charity work so that you can get an opinion on what can be done for the tooth?
There is a Church based charity thing that works on teeth for 10 dollars that meets every 1st and 3rd Friday of the Month. I think they only do Fillings, Cleanings, and Extractions though. The tooth has gotten worse, the whole front part of the tooth has come off and now its like the front part of the tooth is brown, I think this part is called the dentin? I'm not sure. Either way it doesn't really hurt, but I am not biting down on anything with it so I don't know if that is what would make it hurt or not. Could a filling work on something like this?
Maybe, but like I said, can't say without looking at it.