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Crazy symptoms after root canal with gutta percha overfill. Please help



Junior member
Sep 14, 2013
Hi, thanks for taking to time to read this. I had a root canal performed several days ago. At the end of the procedure the doctor reviewed the X-rays with me and pointed out the piece of broken file that he had sealed inside the tooth canal. That didn't concern me much based on his explanation but the gutta percha overfill did (Dentist admitted he was tired that day:(). Anyway, that very night as I tried to go to sleep I started experiencing what felt like subtle electrical shocks going through my head! I chalked it up to maybe a slight infection, and I figured it would pass. Well, now it's a few days later and the shocks have gotten worse. Sometimes I feel like I'm about to convulse! I'm also experiencing anxiety that I suspect is related. I have every kind of allergy known to man, including latex allergy so I guess this might be a case of the latter, God only knows. I've decided to have the tooth extracted, against the Dentist's advice obviously. They're closed today and tomorrow so I'm really here just in the hopes of getting some consolation or advice regarding the extraction as I seem to be having trouble finding specifics online. Basically what I want to know is, will he be able to get the overfilled gutta percha out when he performs the extraction? That shouldn't be a big deal should it? I don't think it was overfilled a lot. That's my main concern. Other than that, is there anything else I should be aware of or something I should request he do to insure that it all comes out OK? Again, thanks so much for your time:)
did you consider an apicoectomy instead of an extraction?
The bottom of the root can be filled with MTA which is very well tolerated.
Thanks for the response. I will definitely research MTA some more but the apioectomy just sounds like more than I'm willing to bear at this point. I really think I just wanna have it out and be done with it. I'd still really like to know about the removal of the excess gutta percha, how big a deal it is basically. Anyone know? Thanks again, this is a very supportive community on here!:)