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Crisps and partial dentures



Junior member
Apr 27, 2024
Hi everyone,

New to the site. Got an upper partial denture fitted the other day (Monday) giving me an extra two teeth on each side and replacing two in the front. Still getting used to it as you can imagine. Been having lots of soft foods, soup, scrambled egg, noodles, mashed potato, mushy peas etc. but I´m just wondering if I will ever be able to eat crisps again?


Some foods may prove challenging with a partial (and indeed with full dentures) but not crisps I would have thought Just make sure your partial is properly glued in.
Thanks Biffo.

Still feeling very nervous about the whole chewing thing and staying with just soft stuff at the moment.

Had a check up with the dentist today who says the healing is going well.
@LisaWatkins I know what you mean. I just got a partial denture in January. I'm only now wearing it for most meals. Potato chips (I'm in the U.S. and I think that's the same as crisps where you are) are a problem. I would think that will change eventually. My mother had full dentures by the time she was 40 and wore them for 48 years. She ate pretty much anything, including crisps! I'm hopeful we will get there.
Thanks Anne. My mother also had full dentures for years and also ate pretty much everything too including sticky toffees, don´t know how she did it!

I´m a terrible potato chip/crisps addict, so I´m just hopeful that eventually I´ll be able to indulge in my addiction again.

Managed some broccoli last night with dinner, I have been very concerned at how little fresh fruit and vegetables I am having since my teeth problems started over a month ago now. Was used to having some fresh salad produce most days and tried a bit of tomato a couple of days ago, that didn´t go down well and had to chop it into tiny, tiny pieces in order to get it down.