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cronic ice chewer broke all uppers



Junior member
Mar 12, 2011
I made an appt. two weeks ago had a exray that encircled my whole head. I knew i would have to remove all uppers as each was broken of from chewing ice. not only broken but decayed and black and viciousely ugly.

I was to see oral surgion immediatly, i didnt. i waited 2 weeks and did so only on moms promptiing, I am 54, but my mom has 3 stage cancer so she wwants teeth in my mouth, how hard can that be. she will pay for it ect ect.

I went ahead and saw oral surgen, made arragements for surgury next day.

today is day after. feeling woosy, but done, still loaded frm meds, but done
all i can say is the rest has to be up hill cause the worst is done. the oral surgen gave me her direct phone number in case of 911 . my 28 year old daughter is tending my care.

I was /am homeless so my kid and I are sharing motel, durning healing cant think of what the word is think it starts with r like i said still loaded, no pain tho, queesie, sore but no pain all uppers removed. if i can do it you can cause i am a big baqby:jump::hidesbehindsofa::giggle::yay: