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Crown after root canal? Or not?



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Jun 24, 2016
Not sure if it's the right place to ask.
I have a bottom tooth with a root canal, for years now. I do grind my teeth at night.

Multiple dentists told me I need to get a crown on the root canals to avoid breaking them etc.

1. Is it suggested?

I also need an implant on another tooth that I am postponing for years, just did wisdom extraction and to be honest it's always hard for me.

2. Is putting a crown less traumatic than extractions/root canals/implants?
Meaning I do not want to wake up a tooth now having other stuff to do 😬
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1. Yes.

2. For a root treated tooth a crown is pretty atraumatic, you would likely not even need local. Much less invasive than surgery or root treatment.
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