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Crown Appointment & Possible tooth chip- NERVOUS.

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Mar 9, 2022
Hi! I have an appt in 2 days for a crown. @Gordon previously mentioned I could get this done without numbing, but the filling I have looks a little "leaky." I was curious how I could do this without numbing if the tooth has been a slight bit tender which I was told could be some bacteria leaking down.

I ask because this dentist is great but terrible at numbing. I DONT want to if I don't have to. Since that tooth had a root canal, is it because it can't sense temperature that I could get the crown prep and placement without local anesthetic? Even if it's been a bit tender? Just curious how that could work and the reasoning why I can do it without the numbing possibly. I am so nervous, UGH.

I have a filling that I think chipped a little, or a small part of my tooth did chip off after chewing a hard cough drop. It's a tiny spot, like so tiny. I am struggling to think of how small it is for comparison, maybe it's the size of the corner of a pinky finger nail, not even. it's causing sensitivity a bit. Could this be filed down without numbing? Or what can the dentist do for this? Photo is attached and outlined in blue, the area looks a little "whiter" than the rest of the tooth. And when I run my tongue over it, it feels a little rough and not as smooth. After eating that cough drop I noticed this.


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My sister had a crown done without an anaesthetic and because she had a root canal previously she didn't feel it. They did say they would try it and if it was sensitive or painful they'd numb her up but she said for both appts she didn't feel a thing. I guess because the nerve is gone.

For the chip you could try sensitive toothpaste, rub it on the area at night after brushing your teeth before bed. That might help.

I'm not a dentist but my experience with my own dentist is she's always reluctant just to fix little chips because you'd have to drill good tooth away to get a filling to stick. Your dentist could smooth it off I think with a little file which shouldn't hurt I wouldn't think.