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Crown has come off and dentist says is going to try putting a post in



Junior member
Mar 17, 2014
Hi I had a crown come off and my dentist told me she will try to put it back with a post as some of the tooth had broken off with it and it's not as simple as just sticking it back on. I'm worried about having a post drilled and what if it goes too close to a nerve. Am I right to be worried? And also, I don't know what the post is made of.... It feels a bit scarey, I'm scared because it's a dentist I don't know well, and don't know how well I can trust her as yet. thanks!
If the tooth has a rootfilling then the post goes into the space occupied by the rootfilling. (and it wont hurt)
If it hasnt got a rootfilling then you will need one before a post can be placed.
The post can be made from a variety of materials - metals, glass fibre or reinforced resins - the choice depends upon the circumstances.
The crucial aspect for success is how much tooth broke away and how much remains. As a rule retro fitting a post is only a short to medium term fix.