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Crown lengthening



Dec 19, 2012
How bad is the pain for crown lengthening on a molar with bone and gum tissue removal ? How long to recover? It is another dental nightmare.
Most of the folks I've done it on reported no after pain at all.
Usually not bad I had it done on me. I went out to dinner that night but was careful what I ate.
I had this 9 years ago, on a large lower molar. I had the work done under IV sedation. I had no complications following the treatment it was all straight forward. I remember nothing of the treatment, and all i felt afterwards was just a very slight soreness, i took the odd regular chemist bought pain killers afterwards, but i didn't really need to, and I am a patient that feels EVERYTHING, and never gets numb. I was pretty amazed how ok this was. The worst thing about it all was the mental side, thinking about it before i went, and getting myself to the appointment, but the actual treatment was ok.
Good to hear that some people don't think that it is so bad. I'm having nightmares about this.