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Crown pain very confused please help.



Junior member
Mar 1, 2013

i have been having problems with a tooth since last march which has yet to be resolved. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Here is some background. I came to the surgery in March with pain in an upper right molar. An assessment of my teeth was carried out which concluded that a filling was required. I have returned on multiple occasions due to pain in this tooth. The tooth has been refilled, treated for a cracked cusp, the bite adjusted, filled with a temporary filling, prepared for a crown, a temporary crown fitted, a permanent crown fitted, a root canal completed through the crown and the crown adjusted. I have also been prescribed 4 courses of antibiotics for this tooth. Before the permanent crown was fitted I explained to the dentist that I was in excruciating pain whilst the temporary crown was in place and questioned the need for root canal treatment. I was informed that this was not necessary and it would be fine to fit the permanent crown despite the pain and sensitivity I was experiencing.

The crown was fitted in November and the root canal completed in January. I am no longer experiencing sensitivity or pain biting, however when I floss at the front edge of the crown it hurts and when I touch the outer side of the tooth with my finger it is extremely tender. My dentist is unsure why I am still experiencing pain. I have been for a second opinion as have lost confidence in my dentist, he advised that he could see nothing wrong with the pathology of the crown. He offered to redo the crown, but I would have to pay for this and he could not guarantee it would resolve the problem as he too was unsure what is causing it.

If anyone can offer me any insight into what may be causing this pain it would be greatly appreciated. I am so fed up right now and have lost all confidence in my dentist. I am a bag of nerves every time I go there. I am gutted that I have had pain in this tooth since last march, spent a small fortune on a private white crown which now has an unsightly filling in it and remain in pain.

Thanks so much.
:poppingin: to say :welcome: to the forum.

I cannot help with an answer maybe one of the dentists that come on here may be able to offer a probable cause but without seeing you it could be difficult. But you never know they are a canny bunch.

I hope you find the answer soon and can get out of pain. :butterfly:
Must be diagnosed by a dentist but 2 possibilities are:
1. Overcontoured crown
2. MB2 canal present but missed(very easy to do)
Must be diagnosed by a dentist but 2 possibilities are:
1. Overcontoured crown
2. MB2 canal present but missed(very easy to do)

Thank you for taking the time to reply. Can you please explain in further detail what the above two terms mean. Why would two dentists have possibly missed this?

Many thanks
Must be diagnosed by a dentist but 2 possibilities are:
1. Overcontoured crown
2. MB2 canal present but missed(very easy to do)
I second that.

Frowner, you asked about the turms comfortdentist has mentioned. Overcontoured crown means that the crown is a bit wider than the tooth it is sitting on. So instead that the porceline is in one line with the tooth there is a small step. This step is an easy place for bacteria to sit in, and the result is a constant gum inflammation. An overcountoured crown is easy to dianose, so if the second opinion did not find a problem with the crown, this is not likely the problem.

The MB2 option means that maybe the dentist who did the RCT has missed a canal. It can happen to every dentist. The way to diagnose and treat it is to re-do the RCT with a magnefing glasses or even better a microscope and patiently search for another canal and treat it.

I would like to say that without examining you, it would be difficult to give you a good explanation. It might also be a crack in the root or cement that sits in the gums. Instead of increasing your uncertainty, it is better that a dentist explains you face to face. The best would be by a specialist for RCT (endodontist).

I hope it turns out well for you.