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crown pain when eating



Junior member
May 17, 2019
I've recently had three crowns, I've never had crowns before, two top and bottom at the very back one side, and one near the back on the other side, at the bottom.
I had one permanent crown fitted and then after two weeks, two days before having the final two, I noticed a mild stabbing/sharp pain both sides only when eating.
After having all three permanent crowns fitted the dentist made a lot of adjustments to get them feeling comfortable, but when I got home the pain was still there when eating, there's no hot and cold sensitivity, it does not hurt to apply pressure to them (I can bite on my own finger with no pain) and they don't feel uncomfortable at any other time, but If I eat oats, meat, crunchy toast, anything that needs mashing up with the back teeth I feel sharp stabbing pains of various degrees just at the very back on both sides (one side is just my regular teeth, and has not had any work) I've returned twice to the dentist who has adjusted the crowns further. And after the last visit my bite feels different, the teeth at the front rest together which feels more natural.... but the pain is still there, it's actually getting sharper and it aches a bit now around my jaw.... I feel really awkward about going back yet again, and the dentist has said the crowns have been adjusted quite a lot already, I feel paranoid I'm being over sensitive and that if he keeps adjusting them further they'll reach the point they have to be redone.... is it possible my back teeth could have become sore as the crowns were maybe a bit too high and the pain will fade? I just really want everything to be done and dusted now, I don't want to be a pest or have to go through the whole process again!
Yes, it sounds like the crowns were much too high in your bite if your front teeth didn't meet properly, I wouldn't be surprised if there's some healing time required... you've not said when the last time they were adjusted?
I had them adjusted the third time on Thursday morning. I was thinking maybe if I took some Ibuprofen and avoided anything that needs heavy chewing for the next 5 days perhaps it might recover and nothing further will need to be done?
Yes, that's a possibility. Hard to say more without seeing you.