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Crown prep and rct



Junior member
Jul 27, 2022
Santa Ana

I just recently had a RCT done about 2 months ago with an endodontist and for some reason it has taken quite a while for my tooth to settle ...not sure why. A month ago, I went to a general dentist to start the crown prep process but i had some sensitivity still...he said it shouldn't be feeling sensitive at all (especially after a month) and to go see the endo who performed the procedure for a follow-up. That day he went ahead and started the crown prep(he only did the build up , no post) it was mildly painful... I went back to my endodontist to have my molar checked just in case the rct had failed and he said to just give my tooth some more time to heal since it is a back molar (#18) and I have Bruxism. He also said to hold off on crown placement until ALL tenderness has subsided.

I have noticed that the tenderness has reduced, should I still go ahead with the crown placement? or wait until ALL tenderness has subsided as advised ??
How long could that take? Does it mean the rct has failed?
Will my molar break if it has no crown and only the build-up??

Also, I'm seeing a new dentist as the previous one was not as patient with me(I shed a few tears) ...

I just want this process to be over already ...the anticipation provokes so much fear and anxiety that I keep replaying painful scenarios in my mind and this leads to sleepless nights and countless hours of just thinking "what if"


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Difficult to answer without seeing you. Best thing is to book in an appointment with your new general dentist and see what they think.