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Nov 28, 2017
I had a crown placed November 30th. It was a molar and PFM. No issues or sensitivity what so ever.
Earlier I was scraping my tooth with my finger nail and felt like my fingernail could fit in a little space. Also note that when I push my fingernail on a particular spot it’s a little sensitive. I just went for a cleaning in February so surely it couldn’t be a cavity already. Surely. 🫠 also, seems like maybe a tiny dark line/spot I can see just at or just under the gum line. Im going to call Monday to see if they will look at the crown and make sure all is good but I’m panicking. I have had dental anxiety for quite some time now and just got everything fixed and here comes something else. I was excited about not having to go back until august and here I am having to go again.

What could it be.? Is it a cavity at the gum? After just being there in February and then not mentioning it? Is it possible my gums have receded some in that particular spot? Is it chipped? Margins? I’m legit panicking and it’s going to ruin my weekend?
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Sorry, there's absolutely no way to know what's going on without examining you. It's not going to be a big job to fix no matter what's wrong though, so try not to get too worked up about it.
@Gordon thanks for the reply! My fear is that it’s been right at 4 months of me discovering. Is my dentist going to fix without a huge additional charge. Like I mentioned I was just here in February for a cleaning and it wasn’t mentioned
Also. Just a little update. I can’t see anything black: I think that’s in my anxiety ridden brain and my husband thinks I’m crazy .
That's OK, we all think our wives are crazy :)