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Crowned tooth with no root canal



Apr 11, 2013
Okay first of all i know i may be freaking out about nothing, but i am worrier and anything that has to do with my teeth scares the poop outta me. I had a huge cavity in one of my back teeth, this tooth already ahd huge fillings all over so my dentist said i needed a crown and possible root canal. She said she would go for just a crown unless i felt pain while she was getting the decay off. I didn't feel any pain and i have a temp on now. I have had the temp for 8 days. The first 5 days were fine, about 3 days ago i started realizing some sensitivity when anything cold hit that tooth or if i sucked in cold air. It's not horrible but noticable for sure If i really suck in some air on it it hurts. My tooth dosent throb but it dosent feel great either. Plus i am focusing on it so that makes it worse. I am so farid i am gonna need a root canal and i will be so mad if i need one after i already went through all this. How will i know if it does need a root canal? Is this sensitivity normal? Will it go away? My jaw also feels kind of sore.
Cold sensitivity is good, it means the nerve is behaving normally and it doesn't need a root canal. It should settle down when the permanent crown goes on.
Oh thank you thank you thank you!!! I have been fretting about this for days now. My only other question is why does my jaw hurt? Oh and lucky me my old root canaled tooth nxt to this one is acting up and she said she wants me to see a endodontist because it looks like my old root canal MAY have failed and even if he hasnt she said the crown has a ridge on it? What does that mean? Do i need a new crown then? Oh i never stops! So now i have pain (not bad) just annoying more in my jaw like a sorness and i dont know what tooth its from now.