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Crowns and Root Canals

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Junior member
Sep 24, 2012
Hi there,

I was hoping to gain some advice on root canals and crowns placements on the NHS.

I've just had a consultation about some sensitivity that I've been experiencing in my upper teeth, specifically a premolar that I had a permanent filling fitted. I suspected it was mainly due to bruxism but I have tried to use my night guard as often as possible. I don't have any swelling however I have been told to wait and see if it gets any worse, and that if it does a root canal would be advised. My main concern is that the current filling is deep and wide (from edge to edge) and I've already had it filled 3 times now (first filling, temporary re-filling and then a permanent re-filling) so I think it'll need a crown although we didn't discuss the full details.
As it's a visible upper 2nd premolar, I'm not sure whether it counts as a back tooth and whether I would be able to have a white metal-fused crown under NHS band 3 treatment. I recently finished my studies so I'm no longer eligible for any help with prescription/dental costs. I was just wondering whether a premolar white crown is available on the NHS and if not, how much extra a crown would cost as private treatment?

I apologise for the lengthy post, thank you so much for your time :)


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Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
White crowns for premolars are available on the NHS. I assume you're in England since you're on about Band 3 and suchlike? The challenge may be to find a dentist who'll actually carry out the treatment for NHS Band 3 fees...