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May 6, 2021
I’ll start by saying my phobia/ptsd came from childhood when I was strapped to a dental chair and was forced to go through multiple painful procedures as a young kid. After my mom stopped going with me I neglected that completely(6 years) .
Fast forward to the month before Covid and lockdowns when I finally build up the courage to go and part of that was obviously because I was getting pain again (the type to cause horrible migraines). The appointment wasn’t the best because even after I explained myself which was very humiliating I felt like he still didn’t understand or knew how to comfort me. I bawled my eyes out and sweat profusely through my clothes gripping the handles of the chair. The whole nine yards... but still I scheduled the next appointment cause I knew I had to have it done. Well a week before I was scheduled lockdowns began and my appointment was canceled. That lead to more procrastination and now I’m here a year later starting from square one again. Im having such a hard time even scheduling I just wished I had someone to walk me through it and hold my hand. When I explained it to my SO He said “well you know they’re not going to strap you in the chair right” well no $h!t Sherlock but he just didn’t understand either.
Hi there, so sorry to hear that your last appointment didn't go well, and that the dentist wasn't comforting or understanding ?. Maybe it's for the best that you didn't go back there? Finding the right dentist really is key to tackling this phobia, and it's worth searching for someone who will be understanding and supportive.

We've got a page with lots of information on how to go about this here:

Entering into a conversation before meeting your new dentist (for example via email, phone or facebook) can be really useful for making sure they understand where you're coming from, and gauging how helpful and understanding they will be!
Thinking Of You!! I Understand How You Feel.. Maybe Trying To Work Out What Works You Up The Most Will Help.. I Did That With My Last Phobia & It Got A Lot Better!! Finding The Right Dentist Is Key As You Need Someone Who Is Understanding.. Maybe People You Know Can Point You In The Right Direction..? Good Luck!! Xx Xx
Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry you had that experience! Childhood trauma is what led to my lifelong phobia too (I'm 31 now), but finding the right dentists is what helped me overcome it! Just remember, YOU are the CUSTOMER, and the dentist is the one providing the SERVICE. YOU are in control, and if you EVER feel uncomfortable, you can absolutely keep your options open! That's what I had to do. I had a bad experience in my mid-20s plus no money, so I put off seeing a dentist for another 5 years before I found a wonderful dentist on YELP who specifically helped nervous patients. I really can't stress how helpful Yelp is to find a dentist. I needed to find a new dentist after her for my wisdom teeth and now I have been going regularly and finally overcome my fear! I truly hope you can find some comfort in these forums, because it truly is SO helpful and a MAJOR reason I was able to find the courage to see a dentist after 5 years! Good luck!
You absolutely deserve to find a dentist who understands that some people are dental phobic. Dentists who will work with you do exist - I hope you find one instead of the one you went to before. And tell your bf I said to google trauma and muscle memory. Find a nice dentist and you will be okay. xo