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Crystal Palace Dental Surgery - Nicest I've ever been to!



Junior member
Apr 2, 2013
London, UK
If you are in SE London and are a nervous patient I would definitely recommend Nik at the Crystal Palace surgery. I have been with so many worries and tears and he has been nothing but kind and understanding. He is extremely friendly and the fillings etc I have had done with him have been the easiest, most comfortable dental experiences I have ever had.

Definitely worth looking into if you are hunting for a dentist in this area!
Hi PercyJones

How has your dentist made you feel comfortable and what is his injection technique like ?

Thank you for taking the time to recommend your dentist, it is lovely when we find someone that can make us feel easier about getting treatment. :)
Hi Carole,

He is extremely gentle with all injections and dental work - I can't even remember having the injections so it must have been quick! And I didn't feel a thing when he did my huge filling!

He is extremely caring, he knows I am a nervous patient so calls to check up on my after my work and spends a lot of time just talking and reassuring me! There have been times I've burst into tears and he's never made me feel uncomfortable, just takes his time. He is very good at making you feel as though you are the only patient he has all day! He never rushes to get on to the next patient :)

He is good at listening to my phobias but is also very honest too - which I personally value!
What a gem of a dentist, how nice that for you that he is so nice. I think if we all had one like yours we maybe cured of our nerves eventually. :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star: