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Cyst / abscess advice



Junior member
Mar 7, 2019
Hello there , am new to this but am just looking for some advice/help. I went to the dentist last week and was informed that my root canal didn't work. I have cyst/abscess in .y gum above me front left tooth. The dentist refused to do any more for me because after doing a x-ray he said it was a bit to big . He has referred me to his dential hospital which can take up till 2 months for a apicectomy. The last few days it's been causing me pain and discomfort and I've been getting headaches as well which I don't know if it's related. Am currently taking ibuprofen but any advice on any pain relief I can be taking and is the longer I wait for treatmeant will the cyst do any harm . Thank you for any help

In extreme cases a cure of antibiotics is beneficial both in reducing the infection and as a result in reducing the pain.