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Cysts On A Dental X-ray/cancer?



Junior member
Dec 22, 2008
My 14 Year Old Son Just Went To The Dentist He Had X-rays And They Found 2 Growths. One Is On Top And One Is On The Bottom. The One On Bottom Is Pushing Two Of His Teeth Apart-dentist Says It Looks Like A Cyst ; On The X-rays It Looks Like A Dark Hole. They Also Found One Tooth That Is Missing Never Came In. He Has No Symptoms Of Anything; No Jaw Swelling, No Sore Or Growth On Inside Of His Mouth, Nothing-i Am A Scared Mom Wondering If This Could Be Cancer.
You need to get your keyboard fixed :)

It's really not likely to be anything serious, but without seeing what's going on it's hard to tell for sure. The odds are highly against it being anything nasty, oral cancers (apart from the squamous cell carcinoma, which doesn't occur deep in the bones but on the surface) are really, really rare, I've been a dentist for 25 years and seen one once.

Considering that I work in a hospital setting and have patients with "odd" things sent into me, that gives an idea of how rare they are.
so bone cancer or other cancers would be rare-are cysts usually benign, the patient is 14.
so very scared. no symptoms or anything is visible in the mouth. and i have the google syndrome which can drive anyone to be a hypochondriac.
thanks again and Merry Xmas:scared:
Cysts are usually caused by something other than tumours, most commonly unerupted adult teeth, although that would be odd in a 14 year old. Next most common thing would be some chronic infection around a heavily decayed baby tooth, which would be less odd in your son's case.

Anything else is so super-rare that it's not worth losing sleep over.