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Dammit, swallowed my new crown today !! Any solution ?



Jul 30, 2014
i got a new crown done on Tuesday, it was second to the front on right side. I haven't been able to eat on my back left for a few days due to a hole in my wisdom tooth that I was going to get fixed on Thursday. So I have been eating on my back right, I presume I must have let food drift to the front or something as my new crown has now gone, realised at the end of the meal it wasn't there, not chipped or broken, just gone, swallowed.

Given it has only been 3 days, would I probably have to fit the bill for a new one ? My dentist won't be open until Monday to ask. I didn't eat anything too tough, just breadcrumbed chicken, but I did try my best to eat on the back tooth.

I just wish I didn't swallow it too. I had a fully composite one, as I didn't want any metal based one due to having an MRI later in the year. Would a metal one have probably been okay ? Or are all crowns attached the same way ? I can't tell if this was sucked off or broke off, all I know is there is no crown left on my tooth at all. I feel really bad, like I shouldn't have ate what I ate, but I really didn't think breadcrumbed boneless chicken would cause any issues. Maybe I am just not used to having a crown so didn't keep all food away like I should have.

What do i tell my dentist ? Do dentists normally give guarantees and do labs usually keep your moulds for a while after ? I am in the UK and had it done on the NHS.

Arrggghh, I am kicking myself, if only I ate something else, or risked using my back left tooth even with the hole in it. I hate to think what I may have to pay out so soon after the last one.
Any help or advice greatly appreciated, thanks !!
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With a permanent crown you should be able to use your teeth normally. If it fell off that quickly, it was not bonds correctly to the tooth.
Would a metal (inner part) one have been just as likely to go if bonding was the issue ? As I was going to be given a metal one originally (I am guessing just the middle or back as it is a front tooth) but I asked for composite due to the MRI situation. Are all crowns bonded the same way ? The tooth the crown attached to is very small, it was ground down a lot, but I presume this was for an important reason. I do remember I couldn't be given a temp while waiting the 2 weeks as there wasn't enough tooth for that. There was a lot more tooth before it was ground down, but again, the dentist is an expert so must have filed it down a lot for a valid reason.
I'm not a dentist and it's difficult to know. However, in my experience, and from everything I've been told, a permanent crown should not fall off from eating checked tenders (I'm in the US and I think this is our equivalent of what you described). I've had 4 crowns and all have been non-metal - I've had them for years and eat normally. I've never had an issue with any of them.