Dangers of Root Canals


Piper Montgomery

Junior member
May 29, 2021
LOL I came across a site that 97% of terminal cancer patients have root canals. Do some more research though- http://www.snopes.com/medical/toxins/rootcanal.asp

That information is bogus. As a science teacher, I teach my students how to read articles and decide if it is true or not. One dentist (or even a few more than that) saying one thing over thousands of other dentists saying the opposite should not make you believe that one dentist. That is NOT how science works. It might sound plausible, but if the data is not there, then you shouldn't assume it is fact.

I have 3 root canals, a few more down the road already planned, and I haven't had cancer. I know I have a high risk of cancer and honestly probably will have it one day because the majority of my family members have died from it (and I know cancers can be genetically passed down). I have ZERO expectations I'm going to die from cancer because of my root canals though.

Also, please realize with better health care, more dentists, and dental care being more affordable to more people, more people are going to get root canals. That can skew the statistics on data (same reason we are seeing more mental health cases or higher rates of autism - better health care, more people get diagnosed) - but this idea that you will get cancer from seems to be completely made up.

I do believe that taking care of your mouth and teeth are extremely important to the rest of your body's health, but I do not think a dead tooth is going to cause harm when it has been probably treated with a root canal. I have noticed my glands in my throat are way less swollen since I've started brushing and flossing every day - I'm sure that means my body can use the energy to take care of other things.
I know this thread is from several years ago, but just out of curiosity, have you ever had a CBCT scan?