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Day 1 of Beat Your Dental Fear e-Course - some newbie questions!



Junior member
Jul 7, 2014
I'm new here and in the middle of every dental phobics' nightmare...pain and procedures from 10 years avoiding the dentist. I have my first cleaning (only 1/2 ) in a decade scheduled for next Monday and would rather jump from a plane or stand in a bucket full of snakes than go...and I hate snakes. After visiting this site I wish I could jump the pond for help from the kind and caring dentists all over the UK but as my appt is Mon. I decided to try the e-course offered by "Fraser & the Team @ Craigentinny Dental Care" (hope that's right - they seem wonderful). So Day 1 is to make a list of your fears and number least to most frightening. Here's my question, I guess more of an observation first. MY phobia has come from my experiences and is based on exactly that. I'm not imagining the assorted pain ranging from twinges to torturous - I have several vivid memories spanning years, I was bullied and belittled by two agitated dentists and chastised by a few hygengists in my day. my experience dictates that once they do one thing, even a filling, the more they have to do. For example, I lost part of a filling, ended up in agony needing a root canal and now a crown and I'm betting that won't fit just right so I'll be back to have my bite adjusted - maybe more than once - and because the bite is off other teeth that DIDNT hurt WILL, then headaches, time off work for appts, etc. and all of this costs a BUNDLE to fix even with "insurance" ...sorry the list goes on and on. 26 more items. I'll spare you. Right now the list is making my fear seem very logical and justified but there's a lot of it. A whole lot. Can you tell me what we do with this list? Or what comes on Day 2? I hate surprises both in and out of the chair. I wish I was way off base, if my thinking is skewed I'd like to know too (kindly please). Anyone taken this course and made strides? Thanks for your help.