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Day 11 Post Wisdom Tooth Extraction



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Aug 16, 2015

Its day 11 since I have had my lower left wisdom tooth out. The pain is gone although there are time when it hurts a little at the extraction site but only a little otherwise its fine. Do you think this is normal? I am using a non alcoholic mouthwash prescribed 2 times a day and also doing salt water rinses 5 - 6 times a day.

Also I can now eat comfortably on the opposite site. I can eat almost everything without problems. I want to know whether its safe for me to get a good burger? And what about rice? I have a fear of getting something stuck inside the hole where my wisdom tooth used to be.

Waiting for response.
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I still have my wisdom teeth, but I had a first molar extracted a few months ago. A bit of pain every now and then is normal, I had that for 3-4 weeks afterwards. But if you're concerned or it gets worse I'd call the dentist just to make sure.

As for eating, I'd say a burger is fine as long you're careful. You may want to wait a bit longer to eat smaller things like rice, but it kind of just depends what you're comfortable with. I waited a good month before eating rice because I was so paranoid that it would get stuck in the socket. As long as you rinse well afterwards you should be fine though. :)